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Krengeltech offers multiple IBM i toolkits uniquely packaged for use by RPG developers.

CyberSource Toolkit for i

Need to process credit cards from RPG?  The CyberSource Toolkit for i provides RPG centric modules for IBM i that facilitate credit card transactions using the popular payment gateway provided by CyberSource.

The CyberSource Toolkit for i allows you to:

  • Authorize, settle, and manage credit card transactions
  • Leverage payment tokenization to avoid storing sensitive data locally
  • Process credit card transactions from applications written in RPG
  • Control all phases of your customer’s transaction experience
  • Communicate using industry standard secure TLS encryption
  • Utilize included example applications with full RPG source code and customize them to fit your business needs and processes
  • Support Level II and Level III data transaction processing

For technical documentation, click here.

Image Processor for i

Need to convert a TiFF image to a page segment (*PAGSEG) for printing purposes on IBM i?  The Image Processor for i can help.

For technical documentation, click here.

UPS Toolkit for i

The UPS Toolkit for i enables real-time communication with web service APIs provided by UPS directly from RPG.

With the UPS Toolkit for i, you can:

  • Perform street level address validation
  • Schedule and manage package pickups
  • Compare delivery services and shipping rates based on package and destination attributes
  • Print shipping labels
  • Compare time in transit for various UPS services
  • Avoid end-of-day manifesting
  • Eliminate UPS WorldShip

For more information, including a free trial, please contact us at sales@krengeltech.com.